Powerprox 6 Month Braces technique

Braces, to gently straighten your teeth in an average of six months • Cost effective • Short term to blend in with your lifestyle…15-20 minutes once a month. You may be a candidate if: • You are an adult. • You have minor crowding, gaps or spacing. • Did not wear your retainer after traditional orthodontics and want to re-straighten your front teeth faster. • Save time and money as opposed to traditional orthodontics. • Do not want to have veneers or crowns to have straighter teeth. Powerprox 6 Months Braces vs Traditional Orthodontics Uses very light and safe forces to move teeth as traditional braces. Your front teeth moves faster than the back teeth. Traditional braces take longer because there is an additional goal of straightening back teeth. With Powerprox 6 Months Braces, the goal is to straighten the front teeth without changing your bite on the back teeth. Traditional braces still have its place…larger over and underbites, developing jaws of children under 18 years of age, and severe cross-bite.